Secure Computing - Environments and Practice
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Optimization Series

Optimizing Modular Inverse Computation
Optimizing Multitenant Managed File Transfer


Install VirtualBox on Windows 10

CentOS Series

Install a CentOS VirtualBox VM
Configure a CentOS VirtualBox VM
Install Oracle on CentOS VirtualBox VM
Install Java on CentOS VirtualBox VM
Install Tomcat on CentOS VirtualBox VM
Install Gnome on CentOS VirtualBox VM

Ubuntu Series

Installing OSBoxes Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial on VirtualBox
Using apt to update Ubuntu
Configuring OpenSSH on Ubuntu
A sample iptables configuration for Linux
Ubuntu timedatectl and configuring ntp
Installing Apache Cassandra on Ubuntu

Business Process Management (BPM)

Installing PegaRULES Process Commander 6 on CentOS

C# Series

Creating an Algorithm Test Program in C#
A Simple C# Wrapper Class for RNGCryptoServiceProvider
A Simple .NET Windows Service in C#
Interprocess Communication Between .NET and MFC Using C# and COPYDATA

Custom Operating System Series

Configuring Oracle® VirtualBox for a Custom Operating System
Configuring VMware® Player for a Custom Operating System
Using NASM® to Create a Boot Sector Program
Coding a BIOS-Compatible Boot Sector
Entering Protected Mode
Enabling Keyboard Input
Adding a Message Queue
Handling Console Commands
Reading the Real-Time Clock

Emulated z/OS Development

Installing the Hercules Emulator on Linux
Installing MVS from Distribution Tapes
First Sample S/370 Assembler Programs


David Walling on Cybersecurity


How B2B Gateways Affect Corporate Security
Secure Data Mining

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